Featured Product – PCW3000 ‘Hunting Winch’

Just in time for Hunting season, we would like to introduce the PCW3000 Portable Winch. The PCW3000 is the newest Portable Winch model that moves the brands famous light weight to a new level. It’s predecessor, the PCW5000, weighs only 35lbs., lightweight enough to define the word ‘Portable’. The PCW3000 goes another step beyond.

PCW3000 - from the PW site

The PCW3000 weighs only 20lbs., Honda engine included. The lightweight aspects of the winch make it ideal for jobs that require lots of travel, or where the only method of transportation is on foot. Unlike the PCW5000, the ‘3000 has a 360 All Purpose engine. Additionally, the Winch does not have an oil pan. What does this mean? Those who have used gas winches, or lawnmowers and other gas-powered tools, know that once you flip the engine, it floods, leaving you with a very large paperweight. The PCW3000 lives up to the ‘Portable’ name; you can store or carry the winch at any angle.

That’s why we nicknamed this winch the Hunting Winch. With the right accessories you can strap the PCW3000 on your back and take it anywhere in the shrub. With 1550lbs. of pulling capability, you can pull anything you can shoot from the bush with ease.

Winch in Action 1 Winch in Action 2 Winch in Action 8
The PCW3000 can be helpful in more ways than just retrieving game from where you shoot it. It can also be used to move wood, hang deer for dressing, tow your ATV or 4X4 if yu get stuck in the mud, etc. The PCW3000 was built around the needs of a hunter for a hunter. And it’s here for Hunting Season.

See more of the PCW3000 Portable Winch.

Who’s excited to start Hunting!


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