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New YouTube Channel and Video

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we have moved into the world of video and YouTube. Our first video is now public – don’t worry, we’ll have more soon! The video, shown below, features the PCW5000 and takes place in the Woods in Vancouver, British Columbia. We think that our spokesperson, Lisa Clark, does a great job explaining how to use the Winch, how to set up the accessories for safety and effectiveness, and just how easy it is for the Portable Winch to pull a log that weighs a ton – literally! But don’t take our word for it – watch the video below, and subscribe for more coming soon!

What do you think of our first video? If you have any questions or comments, or want to make a suggestion for our next video, please let us know in the comments below or on our YouTube channel! Thanks for watching!


5 Things the Portable Winch Does Best

Lately I have been asked: “So, what exactly can I use the Winch for?!”

That is a very good question.

Naturally, whenever someone wants to know the uses of our product I would send that person a brochure, direct him/her to our website, or send them to our blog. However, I finally decided it was time to take all the information from across the interwebs and put it into one blog post. The Portable Winch was designed with many industries in mind, and has found a home in many industries that it was not intended for. One of the things we love most about this Winch is its versatility in many markets. However, like any product, the Portable Winch does have its major strengths.

So, what does the Portable Winch do? Well, to put it broadly, it pulls things. Lots of things. Light things, heavy things, even more than one thing at the same time. But of course, you want specifics. Find below the 5 biggest uses for the Portable Winch.

1) Pulling Stumps, Logs, and Firewood 

The Arboricultural and Logging industry was set in the front of the minds of the engineers behind designing the PCW5000 Portable Winch. With the Winch’s ability to be taken into the backyards of homeowners without the damage of property that comes with larger equipment, Arborist companies such as Bartlett Tree Experts have taken up the Portable Winch as a method of tree removal. Use the Winch to drag large amounts of firewood, pull a stump straight from the earth, or even drag multiple logs at once with the Winch’s power. Check out the video below to see the PCW5000 in action.

2) Retrieving and Dressing Hunted Game

Our newest model, the PCW3000, was designed for hunters in the way that the PCW5000 was designed for loggers. Individual hunters and hunting outfitters both have taken to using the Winch as an alternative method to pulling an animal from the bush. Shot a 400 lbs grizzly down hill? No problem. No access for your truck or ATV in the woods? No problem. After you’ve got the animal, you can even use the Winch to hang and dress the carcass afterwords. Watch the video below to see just how useful the Portable Winch can be on the Hunt.

3) Pulling and Lifting Constructional Equipment 

Anyone who works in construction knows the pains (literally) of lifting heavy equipment and materials and dragging them from A to B and back again. Well, construction workers, how does lifting under 40 lbs all day sound, besides too good to be true? The Portable Winch lifting unit has shown promise recently in the construction industry, being able to lift a maximum of 10 times its weight. This is great for moving heavy beams, electrical utility boxes, and much much more. Watch the video for some more ideas!

4) Search and Rescue 

The industry we are most proud to represent. The Portable Winch has succeeded in helping save the lives of many endangered persons with its power, anchoring abilities and easy transport. Being able to pull damaged or stuck vehicles, lift stranded peoples, and allow the search and rescue teams to be deployed down cliffs and caves safely and securely. From North America to South Africa, many search and rescue personal – and their patients – depend on the Portable Winch. The Video below shows the portable winch in safety-action!

5) Off-Road Vehicle Retrieval 

Last but not least for the Portable Winch is its ability to get 4X4 truck, ATV and Jeep owners everywhere out of sticky situations. Simply pack the Portable Winch in the trunk and you’re ready to go anywhere. Some more creative users even use the Winch to remove fallen logs from their off road path. Doubt that such a little machine can move your giant-*** truck? We have proof that it can tow much more then that. Again, got to watch the video to see!

There is more more we could talk about when it comes to what this machine can do – but then we would run out of blog ideas for your WinchWednesdays! What do you use the Portable Winch for? Let us know in the comments below!