West Coast Winch at SEMA 2014

Attention automotive enthusiasts – we have some good news.
SEMA_Show_Logo_4CWest Coast Winch was recently asked to attend the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas next week. SEMA is one of the largest trade shows in the world, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This prestigious event is open only to automotive industry experts and buyers. Once the directors of the SEMA show saw the Portable Winch’s applications for towing, off-roading, and boating, we were invited in!

We will be sharing booth #33055 with TUFTRUCK Coils Manufacturing between November 4th to November 7th. If you happen to be attending the show, stop by and say hello! Look for our booth’s banner.


We will feature our two most popular products at the show – the PCW3000 and the PCW5000.

large_844The PCW3000 is our newest gas winch model, weighing in at only 20 lbs. The PCW3000 lives up to it’s name as the ‘Portable’ Winch; the combination of it’s light weight, 360 All Purpose Engine, and small size combine to make a Winch that can be used at any angle without fear of flooding the engine. The PCW3000 also boasts a 1500 lbs pulling capacity at a pulling rate of 26′ per minute.

large_630The PCW5000 is the ‘Classic’ Portable Winch. The Winch that started it all. While the PCW5000 is the heavier model at 35 lbs, it is also the most powerful winch on the market with its ability to pull up to 2200 lbs on a single line. A 50cc GXH Honda 4-Stroke engine generates this power, at an incredible line speed of 40′ per minute. Many accessories for both winches can customize the winch for more power and faster pulling speeds.

We will keep you updated on the SEMA Show next week, including plenty of pictures, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. For more information on the SEMA Show, click here.


Amazing Fan Video: How to Use a Winch in Forestry and Logging

At West Coast Winch, we know we have the most durable and versatile Winch that is specifically designed to help forestry workers, tree fellers, and independent arborists with the heavy lifting they do daily. We know that our product has the portability to reach low access areas and the power to move full sized trees from those areas. And we know that our Winch runs off the dependable 4-stroke Honda GXH-50 cc engine, powered to get the job done.

Because we know all this, we were not that surprised that this Winch has inspired multiple fan videos.

This particular video, uploaded by Bix Vid, demonstrates how the Portable Winch PCW5000 model can be used in the entire tree removal process – from removing branches and directing their path to the ground, pulling the tree safely to the earth after an initial chainsaw cut, and removing the fallen logs from the work area and guiding them to the chipper.

Check out this video and more like it from Bix Vid’s Youtube channel. If you liked this video and want to see more of this Winch, check out the Portable Winch YouTube channel for more instructional videos, or visit our Website.

What are your thoughts on this product or the jobs it can perform? Tell us in the comments below.