Forestry Foreman Fined Over Death – New Zealand News

A recent news story from New Zealand caught our attention the other day, to our great sadness. In March of 2013, Foreman and part owner of Complete Logging Limited Major Nelson was performing a tree-felling job with co-worker Robert Ruri-Epapara. Major Nelson was climbing and trimming while Robert Ruri-Epapara was doing ground work below. Reportedly, Nelson was unaware of his co-worker’s location on the ground as he was felling large branches. Unfortunately, Ruri-Epapara happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as one of these branches fell on top of him, killing him on impact.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use safety measures on ALL aspects of tree care. As blue-moon as these types of situations appear, they can happen, and (at the risk of sounding cliche) it’s better to be safe than sorry. The article mentions that Nelson was found guilty of not conducting tree felling within the ‘two tree length rule’, being that the climbing arborist should not begin falling trees unless everyone is a distance of two tree lengths away. I have never heard of this trick, but it definitely sounds wise to follow.

PCW5000 - Arbre encroué -action 5- -Copier-.JPG

Forestry worker uses the Portable Winch to safely bring down a tree.


The county of New Zealand also recently issued a statement that machines and guiding systems should be a primary way to guide branches and logs as they fall to ensure worker safety. Using a Winch or other method of tree fall guiding is a recommended work practice. The picture above shows one of many safe methods to bring down a tree.

You can read the full article here. For more logging safety tips, make sure to visit What safety tips do you recommend our readers take into consideration?

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New YouTube Channel and Video

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we have moved into the world of video and YouTube. Our first video is now public – don’t worry, we’ll have more soon! The video, shown below, features the PCW5000 and takes place in the Woods in Vancouver, British Columbia. We think that our spokesperson, Lisa Clark, does a great job explaining how to use the Winch, how to set up the accessories for safety and effectiveness, and just how easy it is for the Portable Winch to pull a log that weighs a ton – literally! But don’t take our word for it – watch the video below, and subscribe for more coming soon!

What do you think of our first video? If you have any questions or comments, or want to make a suggestion for our next video, please let us know in the comments below or on our YouTube channel! Thanks for watching!

Tree Care: How To Help Your Trees

Every outdoors man and woman can appreciate the beauty of trees. They surround us in the outdoors; they give us the feeling of safety. However, despite how nice they look from the outside, your trees may need your help on the inside. Before you call an Arborist, there are a few ways to check your tree’s health yourself. There are many factors that can harm your tree – from too much rain and sun to not enough of either. We will go over a few easy ways that you can keep your trees for life.



  1. Use Mulch to protect your tree. Mulch is especially effective for younger trees, but it can (and should!) be used to protect trees of all ages. Mulch offers a number of benefits to the tree, such as helping absorb water to keep the tree’s roots from thirst, preventing soil compaction, and reduces the amount of weeds that will pop up around your tree that will compete with your tree’s roots.
  2. Make sure your trees are kept to an appropriate size. Yes, unfortunately you may need to cut away at your beautiful tree, but it is for the greater good. A tree that has grown too wildly and in many directions is not only a danger to your home, but is also a large life force the tree has to maintain. The tree may not be able to get enough sun or rain to sustain itself, and instead of losing a few branches you lose a whole tree. And of course there is the risk of branch or tree failure, which could result in property damage. Prune your trees effectively and timely.
  3. Fertilize your yard with high-quality fertilizer. This is an important factor to tree care, but not necessarily the MOST important. Fertilizer can be costly, yes, but it is full of nutrients that trees need to grow healthy and strong. If you want, you can even create your own homemade fertilizer!
  4. Water Water Water! The rule of thumb for healthy trees is approximately 25 gallons of water per week. This is the equivalent to 1.5 inches of rain fall each week. Tree experts also say that a few heavy waterings is better than many light waterings. So instead of watering your trees every day, do so 2-4 times a week instead. This may change in summer weather, when constant watering is ideal.

If you follow these tips to the best of your abilities, you will be able to see your tree’s stay for a long time yet. However, trees are not invincible. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to remove a sick tree before in can fail and cause property damage or spread across your yard. If you do need to get a tree removed, make sure to call a qualified Arborist with the right tools – like the Capstan Portable Winch!


Amazing Fan Video: How to Use a Winch in Forestry and Logging

At West Coast Winch, we know we have the most durable and versatile Winch that is specifically designed to help forestry workers, tree fellers, and independent arborists with the heavy lifting they do daily. We know that our product has the portability to reach low access areas and the power to move full sized trees from those areas. And we know that our Winch runs off the dependable 4-stroke Honda GXH-50 cc engine, powered to get the job done.

Because we know all this, we were not that surprised that this Winch has inspired multiple fan videos.

This particular video, uploaded by Bix Vid, demonstrates how the Portable Winch PCW5000 model can be used in the entire tree removal process – from removing branches and directing their path to the ground, pulling the tree safely to the earth after an initial chainsaw cut, and removing the fallen logs from the work area and guiding them to the chipper.

Check out this video and more like it from Bix Vid’s Youtube channel. If you liked this video and want to see more of this Winch, check out the Portable Winch YouTube channel for more instructional videos, or visit our Website.

What are your thoughts on this product or the jobs it can perform? Tell us in the comments below.