Forestry Foreman Fined Over Death – New Zealand News

A recent news story from New Zealand caught our attention the other day, to our great sadness. In March of 2013, Foreman and part owner of Complete Logging Limited Major Nelson was performing a tree-felling job with co-worker Robert Ruri-Epapara. Major Nelson was climbing and trimming while Robert Ruri-Epapara was doing ground work below. Reportedly, Nelson was unaware of his co-worker’s location on the ground as he was felling large branches. Unfortunately, Ruri-Epapara happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as one of these branches fell on top of him, killing him on impact.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use safety measures on ALL aspects of tree care. As blue-moon as these types of situations appear, they can happen, and (at the risk of sounding cliche) it’s better to be safe than sorry. The article mentions that Nelson was found guilty of not conducting tree felling within the ‘two tree length rule’, being that the climbing arborist should not begin falling trees unless everyone is a distance of two tree lengths away. I have never heard of this trick, but it definitely sounds wise to follow.

PCW5000 - Arbre encroué -action 5- -Copier-.JPG

Forestry worker uses the Portable Winch to safely bring down a tree.


The county of New Zealand also recently issued a statement that machines and guiding systems should be a primary way to guide branches and logs as they fall to ensure worker safety. Using a Winch or other method of tree fall guiding is a recommended work practice. The picture above shows one of many safe methods to bring down a tree.

You can read the full article here. For more logging safety tips, make sure to visit What safety tips do you recommend our readers take into consideration?

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New YouTube Channel and Video

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we have moved into the world of video and YouTube. Our first video is now public – don’t worry, we’ll have more soon! The video, shown below, features the PCW5000 and takes place in the Woods in Vancouver, British Columbia. We think that our spokesperson, Lisa Clark, does a great job explaining how to use the Winch, how to set up the accessories for safety and effectiveness, and just how easy it is for the Portable Winch to pull a log that weighs a ton – literally! But don’t take our word for it – watch the video below, and subscribe for more coming soon!

What do you think of our first video? If you have any questions or comments, or want to make a suggestion for our next video, please let us know in the comments below or on our YouTube channel! Thanks for watching!

Online Updates

Over the past four months, we have been re-imagining the online presence for West Coast Winch. We have introduced a Twitter account to bring you news, pictures, and stories for anyone interested in Hunting, Forestry/Nature, Off Road Vehicles, and more from the outdoors. We have also created a Google+ page, where you can reach out to us if you have any questions on our products, or just want to chat. Of course, we also started this blog to give our fans great content to read. One of our articles was even featured on!

Recently, we have upgraded our website with an industries tap for our most popular products, the PCW3000 and the PCW5000. When you click on this tab, it shows you the many ways you can use the Portable Winch either in your every day life or in your career. This content is filled with pictures, useful tips and tricks, and referrals from those who love the Portable Winch. The picture below shows an example of our new content.

West Coast Winch will also be introducing a YouTube Channel, where we will feature videos of the Portable Winch in use, among other things. We are creating these videos so you can see for yourself how the Portable Winch can be used. Look to our Twitter and Google+ accounts to see when these videos will be available.

What do you think of our new website? If there is anything you would like to see added to one of our webpages, let us know below!

Province and State Hunting Regulation Changes

You may have seen some Hunting news for various locations regarding changes in regulations. No matter where you live, this is interesting news; some of these changes may stay local, but some could spread. Here are a few key changes we thought you might like to know. 

New York – Black Bear Hunting

Rumour is that the state of New York is expanding Black Bear hunting statewidCapturee. Apparently, New York had an overpopulation of Black Bears last summer, leading to bear-human confrontations. The state also saw crop and property damage as a result. But that is all turned around now, as firearm hunters will get to see an early season, and you hunters living in Upstate New York will be able to do some Black Bear hunting of your own. These regulations are expected to be put in place within the next few weeks. See more details here.


Minnesota – White Tail Deer Hunting

Unfortunately, hunters in Minnesota have less thrilling news than their New York brothers. Due to a dramatic decrease in the White Tail Deer population hunters are now limited to one deer for the season, and those in North-East Minnesota are further restricted, limited to bucks only. 

The decline in the deer population is generally due to severe winters in that part of the country. However, experts do believe a bounce back is possible – with a milder winter. Cross your fingers, hunters! See more details here.

Ontario – Moose Hunting 

Ontarian’s have been waiting patiently while the province’s Ministry of Natural Resources decide what needs to be done about the lack of Moose. What once had one of the highest Moose populations in Canada is now seeing an alarming decrease in the population. The Ministry is blaming this decrease on a number of factors, including harvest, predation, parasites, habitat condition and low calf numbers. The number of Moose tags has been cut in order to help solve this problem. Read more here.


New Hampshire – Changing Daily Limits 

New Hampshire residents have a five bird limit each day this season when it comes to Canadian Geese and Waterfowl. The state has also declared the dates of Youth Waterfowl Weekend, which is set to be the Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 27 and 28. The bird limit, as well as all other constant New Hampshire bird hunting regulations, are in affect for this weekend. You can read more on the changes here.

Quite a few changes in regulations this year – as is usual with the sport of hunting. Regardless of the regulations, make sure you pack your Portable Winch!


Do you know of any other hunting regulations we may have missed? Tell us in the comments!

Tree Care: How To Help Your Trees

Every outdoors man and woman can appreciate the beauty of trees. They surround us in the outdoors; they give us the feeling of safety. However, despite how nice they look from the outside, your trees may need your help on the inside. Before you call an Arborist, there are a few ways to check your tree’s health yourself. There are many factors that can harm your tree – from too much rain and sun to not enough of either. We will go over a few easy ways that you can keep your trees for life.



  1. Use Mulch to protect your tree. Mulch is especially effective for younger trees, but it can (and should!) be used to protect trees of all ages. Mulch offers a number of benefits to the tree, such as helping absorb water to keep the tree’s roots from thirst, preventing soil compaction, and reduces the amount of weeds that will pop up around your tree that will compete with your tree’s roots.
  2. Make sure your trees are kept to an appropriate size. Yes, unfortunately you may need to cut away at your beautiful tree, but it is for the greater good. A tree that has grown too wildly and in many directions is not only a danger to your home, but is also a large life force the tree has to maintain. The tree may not be able to get enough sun or rain to sustain itself, and instead of losing a few branches you lose a whole tree. And of course there is the risk of branch or tree failure, which could result in property damage. Prune your trees effectively and timely.
  3. Fertilize your yard with high-quality fertilizer. This is an important factor to tree care, but not necessarily the MOST important. Fertilizer can be costly, yes, but it is full of nutrients that trees need to grow healthy and strong. If you want, you can even create your own homemade fertilizer!
  4. Water Water Water! The rule of thumb for healthy trees is approximately 25 gallons of water per week. This is the equivalent to 1.5 inches of rain fall each week. Tree experts also say that a few heavy waterings is better than many light waterings. So instead of watering your trees every day, do so 2-4 times a week instead. This may change in summer weather, when constant watering is ideal.

If you follow these tips to the best of your abilities, you will be able to see your tree’s stay for a long time yet. However, trees are not invincible. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to remove a sick tree before in can fail and cause property damage or spread across your yard. If you do need to get a tree removed, make sure to call a qualified Arborist with the right tools – like the Capstan Portable Winch!

5 Things the Portable Winch Does Best

Lately I have been asked: “So, what exactly can I use the Winch for?!”

That is a very good question.

Naturally, whenever someone wants to know the uses of our product I would send that person a brochure, direct him/her to our website, or send them to our blog. However, I finally decided it was time to take all the information from across the interwebs and put it into one blog post. The Portable Winch was designed with many industries in mind, and has found a home in many industries that it was not intended for. One of the things we love most about this Winch is its versatility in many markets. However, like any product, the Portable Winch does have its major strengths.

So, what does the Portable Winch do? Well, to put it broadly, it pulls things. Lots of things. Light things, heavy things, even more than one thing at the same time. But of course, you want specifics. Find below the 5 biggest uses for the Portable Winch.

1) Pulling Stumps, Logs, and Firewood 

The Arboricultural and Logging industry was set in the front of the minds of the engineers behind designing the PCW5000 Portable Winch. With the Winch’s ability to be taken into the backyards of homeowners without the damage of property that comes with larger equipment, Arborist companies such as Bartlett Tree Experts have taken up the Portable Winch as a method of tree removal. Use the Winch to drag large amounts of firewood, pull a stump straight from the earth, or even drag multiple logs at once with the Winch’s power. Check out the video below to see the PCW5000 in action.

2) Retrieving and Dressing Hunted Game

Our newest model, the PCW3000, was designed for hunters in the way that the PCW5000 was designed for loggers. Individual hunters and hunting outfitters both have taken to using the Winch as an alternative method to pulling an animal from the bush. Shot a 400 lbs grizzly down hill? No problem. No access for your truck or ATV in the woods? No problem. After you’ve got the animal, you can even use the Winch to hang and dress the carcass afterwords. Watch the video below to see just how useful the Portable Winch can be on the Hunt.

3) Pulling and Lifting Constructional Equipment 

Anyone who works in construction knows the pains (literally) of lifting heavy equipment and materials and dragging them from A to B and back again. Well, construction workers, how does lifting under 40 lbs all day sound, besides too good to be true? The Portable Winch lifting unit has shown promise recently in the construction industry, being able to lift a maximum of 10 times its weight. This is great for moving heavy beams, electrical utility boxes, and much much more. Watch the video for some more ideas!

4) Search and Rescue 

The industry we are most proud to represent. The Portable Winch has succeeded in helping save the lives of many endangered persons with its power, anchoring abilities and easy transport. Being able to pull damaged or stuck vehicles, lift stranded peoples, and allow the search and rescue teams to be deployed down cliffs and caves safely and securely. From North America to South Africa, many search and rescue personal – and their patients – depend on the Portable Winch. The Video below shows the portable winch in safety-action!

5) Off-Road Vehicle Retrieval 

Last but not least for the Portable Winch is its ability to get 4X4 truck, ATV and Jeep owners everywhere out of sticky situations. Simply pack the Portable Winch in the trunk and you’re ready to go anywhere. Some more creative users even use the Winch to remove fallen logs from their off road path. Doubt that such a little machine can move your giant-*** truck? We have proof that it can tow much more then that. Again, got to watch the video to see!

There is more more we could talk about when it comes to what this machine can do – but then we would run out of blog ideas for your WinchWednesdays! What do you use the Portable Winch for? Let us know in the comments below!

Portable Winch Helps Save a Life


Portable Winch PCW3000 being used in a Search & Rescue scenario.

We love seeing fans of the Portable Winch express their opinions of  the product online. What we love even more is seeing that the Winch is being put to use to help save a life.

The WestCoast Winch has numerous possibilities for which it can be used; hunting, logging, boating, to name a few. But one of the biggest strengths of the Winch is its applications in the search & rescue market. We recently connected with a user of the PCW3000 Portable Winch located in South Africa. This man works as a Volunteer Rescuer with Rescuetech, a technical Rescue Unit based in Durban South Africa. We’re proud to say that our own PCW3000 Winch had a helping hand in pulling patients from dangerous scenarios.


The PCW3000 used with the Bridal Sling attached to a rescue vehicle is able to pull a man up from a dangerous spot.

At WestCoast Winch we would like to give a big Thank-You to all the emergency response volunteers who risk so much to ensure the safety of others! And as always, a big Thank-You to the users of our product for their support and creativity in usage for the Portable Winch products.